Why You Need to Put Work into Your Own Site

buisness man working hard

You’ve just got the news from us that your site is complete. Now it’s just time to sit back and watch as the money train rolls in, right? Unfortunately, that’s not how the online business world works . . .

I’m going to give you the cold, hard truth:


Until the day that Hagrid comes to your door saying, “You’re a wizard, Harry,” there’s no magic spell that will instantly make your company a success. A successful online business owner keeps working on his/her own site.


So what type of work do you need to do to start producing more results?


1. Create a Unique Selling Point

Add your unique selling point to your home page to tell customers what it is that makes you stand out. That could be as simple as adding free shipping. Tell your customers what makes you you. 

2. Personalize Your About Us Page

As the first page that many customers visit to tell if your site is legit, your About Us page should tell your customers what you can do for them, who you are, and how you can give them the resolutions to their needs like no one else can.

3. Update Your Product Descriptions

Edit your product descriptions. If you’re using a drop shipper, the product descriptions have the original descriptions written by the manufacturer. Create new content to tell customers the benefits of your products; your unique selling point can be included here, too. 

4. Update Your Product Images

Make sure that you have the highest quality images on your site to help your site look professional and sleek. Typically, you want to choose images that are 300 dpi in quality. Include a title tag for the image in each image’s META section, using a keyword as the title.

5. Set Goals and Get Organized

Staying stagnant and not setting marker points for yourself is just another form of magical or wishful thinking that your business will just improve on its own. Create manageable, realistic short and long term goals for yourself, and stick to them!

6. Network and Promote

Social media makes it easier to connect with people who can help your business progress. Get conversations going with fellow online business owners, join an affiliate marketing program, and find mentors who can help you progress.

7. Keep Learning

Keep researching and learning the latest trends in the market. You want to stay ahead of the curve so that you can show your customers that you can give them what they need and understand what they’re looking for today.

8. Get to Know Your Customers

Talk to your customers. Find out what they really want. Use social media to ask customers what they like about your products and how you can improve. Answer emails from customers and add a phone number to your site so customers can feel more comfortable communicating.


When you put work into your own site, you will see great benefits as you come to better understand your market, customers, products, and site.