What’s Your Unique Selling Point?

You can have the best looking website, exceptional content, and excellent products, but your site will get lost in a sea of Google results if you don’t know what makes your company unique. In order to stand out in a crowd, you need a unique selling point (USP). Creating a unique selling point is one of the best things you can do if you’re starting an online business. 

What is a USP?

Your USP tells your customers why they should buy monkey bread from you rather than from the bakery around the corner. It can be a content marketing strategy, promotion, unique product or service, or even a “how-to” blog that teaches customers about your industry or innovative uses for your products.

Having a USP can help you to focus and plan out each move you’ll make as a business owner. It helps you to understand who you’re selling to and what they’re looking for. Knowing these things will help you to give your customers what they can’t find anywhere else.

Ideas to get started

Here are a couple of USP ideas to take for a test drive until you find what works best for you:

  1. Exceptional customer service: Respond to your customers regularly. When it comes to online shopping, knowing that there’s an actual person there listening to and responding to customer concerns can go a long way.
  2. An educational resource: Show your knowledge and participation in your industry so you can gain your customers’ trust. Share your content with other sites, participate in social media forums, and post and re-tweet from other sites in your industry.
  3. A guarantee they can’t pass up: Offer your customers a guarantee your competitors are too afraid to offer. Say that you offer the best service, remarkable deals, and unbeatable sales. Then give it to them!
  4. Give them more: Add more value to your products by creating a full-fledged service. Let’s say you offer dance lessons to kids. Instead of making the parents wait outside, perhaps you create a room that gives them refreshments and entertainment. Doing more can help you to retain and get more customers.

How to make an effective USP

Now that you’ve started thinking about a potential USP here are some questions and strategies you can consider to make it strong and effective.

  • Is it specific? Does your website clearly state, “this is why I’m different, and this is why you should buy from me”?
  • Are you a chatterbox? Always keep talking about what makes your company different. Talk about it on your site’s landing pages, email campaigns, SEO, Meta and Title tags, product descriptions, blog posts, social media posts, about us page, etc.
  • Does it apply to and meet your customers’ needs? Get to know your customers. Ask them why they buy from you specifically. Ask them what’s missing in the industry or on your site that they’d like to see, and then give it to them!
  • Can your USP stand up to the competition? Does your USP offer your customers something better? Is it realistic? And can it have value in the market over time? Is it something that gives you an advantage over the competition?  
  • Does it have a bit of YOU written all over it? Your unique personality, approach, insights, knowledge, and experience in the industry can make your company stand out. A great way to show off your personality and goals is to use a story about what got you started in your About Us Page.

When it comes to starting a business remember there’s power in being different. Defining who you are and what you can do for your customers goes a long way in making your business a success.