4 (Major) Reasons Blogging Helps Your Website

Drive Traffic

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. It’s a natural way to grab someone’s interest and invite them to visit your website. You can include links from your blog to pages and products on your website to keep them longer and influence them to buy. It’s also really easy to use your blog as a basis for your social media campaigns. Sharing articles is really useful to customers and establishes you as an industry expert, so you may gain followers and traffic just from people interested in your content, even if they’re not buying yet. And when you write interesting, relevant content, you never know when you might go viral and get a whole bunch of extra traffic.

Increase Your Social Following

We’ve touched on this already, but blogs are an awesome way to get people interested on social media. If you’re writing good content on your blogs, people will naturally share the articles that interest them, inviting more and more people to like your content and your business. And the more people you have following you on social media, the more you may get to your website.

Influence to Buy

Most people that buy something online already know they want it, and you just have to 1) be in their path, and 2) show them it’s worth buying from you. Blogging helps with both of these issues. First, it helps you with SEO and traffic so you’re more likely to be found. And second, it gives you an opportunity to write more and argue your case for why you’re the best company out there. Whether you’re writing specifically about the product or service they’re interested in, or they just know you to be an industry leader from your blogging, you’ll be able to show them that you’re the best choice out there.

Build Trust

Writing good content makes you look like an industry expert, and people generally prefer to buy from legitimate sources. If your content is increasing your social following, other people can see that. And do you think they’d rather buy from a business that only a handful of people have liked, or one that has a lot of followers? It’s pretty simple. Even if you don’t get a sale initially, if people start following your blog and social accounts, you can build that trust, so that eventually when they are ready buyers, they’ll think of your business first. And one other note here, make sure you interact with consumers on your blog as well as social media—if they leave comments or questions, respond! People like knowing that there’s actually somebody on the other side, so if they place an order, they’ll get good service.

Moral of the story: get blogging!